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Helios AirPal
Helios AirPal

More important than ever –
healthy air.

Hot topic: healthy air.
Essential areas of our lives take place in enclosed spaces. Wherever people are present in large numbers, there is a fundamental risk that pathogenic germs are transmitted from an infected person to another. Distance rules and regular surface disinfection are effective measures to reduce the risk of infection via droplets or contact surfaces. However, experience from recent months has primarily shown that aerosols are carriers of dangerous viruses, which makes it necessary to implement further.

Proper ventilation. Easier said than done.
The most effective preventive measures against viral infection include very clear recommendations on safe ventilation.

Accordingly, all windows in the room should be opened frequently for a few minutes for sufficient air exchange – at least

this process should take place every 20 minutes in conference rooms and classrooms. This is hardly feasible in reality and leads to numerous negative side effects.

  • Draughts, noise disturbance and negative environmental impacts such as dust, exhaust fumes and pollen become unavoidable.
  • Colds and infections due to the cold outside air are inevitable, especially in winter.
  • The lower indoor humidity affects the mucous membranes and increases the risk of infection.
  • Rooms often do not have enough windows that are large enough to ensure the air exchange.


fewer viruses with AirPal.

AirPal air purifiers from Helios are a reliable way to efficiently remove the aerosols identified as carriers of Covid-19 viruses from the room air. AirPal H with three level filter concept incl. HEPA 14 remove 99.995 % of all viruses from the room air.
AirPal U with UV-C disinfection system effectively and safely eliminates viruses. In order to provide the ideal solution for each of your areas of application, AirPal are available in various sizes and designs as floor-standing units for e.g. class rooms, restaurants and waiting rooms as well as rollable mobile units for flexible use in different meeting rooms depending on usage.

AirPal Highlights:

Technology for a breath of fresh air

Technology for a breath of fresh air.

Highly efficient filter concept with up to three levels.

Helios AirPal is green

Helios AirPal is green.

Actual EC-fan technology ensure that the air purifiers not only operate reliably, but also in an energy saving manner.

Un-box and start

Un-Box and start!

Helios AirPal is delivered pre-configured – all you need is one free power socket and you can breathe with confidence.

Enjoy the quiet

Enjoy the quiet.

impresses with an innovative sound insulation concept with quiet operation, so you will not be disturbed.

Even more highlights.

Additional detailed information and technical data on Helios AirPal can be found in the AirPal brochure.

Helios offers the widest
range oft air purifiers.

Helios AirPal and AirPal Go

Floor-standing units in two different sizes and two forms of
purification technology for stationary use.

  • Performance classes 300 – 2.200 m3/h for room sizes up to 180 m2 with quadruple air exchange and maximum flow rate.
  • AirPal with three level filter concept incl. HEPA 14 remove 99.995 % of all viruses from the room air.
  • AirPal with UV-C disinfection system effectively and safely eliminates viruses.

Mobile series consists of four units for flexible deployment.

  • Performance classes 100 – 850 m3/h for room sizes up to 70 m2 with quadruple air exchange and maximum flow rate.
  • With multi-level HEPA 14 filter concept for the elimination of 99.995 % of all viruses.

AirPal Mix & match:
Flexibility for every

Floor-standing and mobile units can be used in any combination for maximum flexibility.

The Helios AirPal floor-standing units and mobile units offer the perfectly adapted solution for all application areas and room sizes.

Two technologies – One mission.
Helios AirPal floor-standing units.

Helios AirPal floor-standing units


HEPA units AirPal…H are equipped with a 3 level filter concept. In combination with the two pre-filters of quality grades ePM10 70 % and ePM1 80 %, the HEPA high-performance filter (H14) meets the highest safety level with a separation efficiency of more than 99.995 %.

The UV-C version AirPal U floor-standing units are equally impressive: In addition to the UV-C technology protection, the majority of viruses, harmful substances and other particles are filtered from the air thanks to the multi-level pre-filtering.

  • Full power with efficiency

All AirPal units are equipped with powerful fans with advanced EC motor technology. This not only reduces energy consumption, but it also has a positive effect on noise emission.

  • Air distribution without any draughts

With AirPal, the air flows into the room well above head height. This completely ensures optimal air distribution in the room at all times.

  • Optimal acoustic features.

This is ensured by an elaborate sound insulation concept with an acoustically optimised casing. AirPal units in series H also have integrated silencers on the air inlets and outlets.

  • Robust and designed for continuous operation

Highest quality and safety standards with double-walled casing All components are low-maintenance and designed for continuous operation.

Safety, flexible to use:

Helios AirPal flexible to use

AirPal Go air purifiers are unbeatably versatile and rapidly applicable wherever they are needed.

  • Do not be disturbed

From the EC fans to the casing: everything in AirPal Go has been developed and designed with a view to impressively quiet operation.

  • Healthy air on rollers

Lightweight, compact and ultra-mobile: Use AirPal Go flexibly where you need it.

  • Strong and robust

AirPal Go air purifiers are designed for flexible application and changing locations – e.g. in schools, businesses or restaurants.

  • AirPal Go works effortlessly and variably

The built-in fans in AirPal Go operate with the latest EC technology for maximum power. This not only has positive effects on acoustics and energy consumption, but it also allows variable control.

The easiest way to heathy air.

AirPal Select
  • During delivery

Helios AirPal are delivered ready to use and they only require plugging in to a power socket.

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